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Terms & Conditions

CITYWIDE PACKERS & MOVERS (ABN 4200 821 9742) provides a service whereby they move items and provide a packing and unpacking service on a hourly rate or fixed fee as agreed with the customer prior to carrying out the work. “Contractor” means Citywide Packers & Movers (ABN 4200 821 9742) and includes Golden Years Relocations, any third party and/or agents engaged to assist with the provision of the services; and“Customer” means any person who authorises the performance of the work by the Contractor. Our conditions of trade are that we guarantee to repair (at our cost) any damage CAUSED BY US to your goods and/or property, SUBJECT TO the following conditions: 


Payment Conditions

The Contractor will only accept payment by way of Cash, EFTPOS or Credit Card. A surcharge fee of 2.5 % is payable for all card transactions. The Contractor will NOT accept any other method of payment. We do not accept bank direct deposits. Payment to be made at the completion of the job on that day.

Customer must sign a completed invoice on completion of the job

The Customer or an authorised representative over the age of 18 years must be present at the location where the services are being provided at ALL times. Should the customer not be present no liability for damage will be accepted what so ever.

Customer must report any damage prior to completion of the job and this must be documented prior to the contractor leaving the job site

The Contractor undertakes to fix (or replace subject to verification and evidence to substantiate the current value of the items) any items that it breaks however this only applies to items that have been packed and unpacked by the Contractor or their employees and agents. The Customer may supply packing material and removal boxes however the Contractor will not be responsible for any damage caused by use of that material. Newspaper for wrapping will not be used. Any items that are found to be broken during the course of the services being provided will be identified and photographed and brought to the customer’s attention prior to completion of the job.


The Contractor is insured for public liability, transit, loading and unloading insurance however this does not cover damage to all items. Exclusions apply to Antiques, Heirlooms, Canvas paintings, Jewellery, Fish Tanks, Grandfather Clocks,Statues,Heavy lift items are excluded from this insurance. An excess of $250.00 is payable by the client for any claim lodged. Should a claim be lodged to our insurance company on behalf of you the client, the contractor will not reimburse the client for any out of pocket expenses that may arise at the request of the Insurance Company, being valuations, postage or freight.
Should an insurance claim be lodged and accepted and payment is made to you the client, by either Citywide Packers & Movers or our insurance company, the ownership of the property becomes Citywide Packers & Movers. However the Contractor guarantees that it will repair or replace any items that are broken or damaged (subject to verification and evidence to substantiate the current value of the items) as a direct result of their actions, provided all other conditions have otherwise been complied with, in particular payment in full for the services that have been provided. 
The contractor is not responsible for and will not compensate the customer for any other damages or consequential loss that may arise that is not directly related to their actions.
Any Items over the value of $1000.00 must be brought to the attention of the Pre Packers and the Removalists, contractors or agents on the day of uplift. These items must be documented on the day sheet and photographed prior to Pre Packing or the Removal. Citywide Packers & Movers reserves to the right to refuse to Pre Pack or Uplift any items. 


The Contractor will not dis-assemble or re-assemble baby cots, bunks, trampolines, swing sets or cubby houses. Disconnection and reconnection of the washing machine is the customers responsibility. Removal of pot plants will be at the contractor’s discretion however no liability will be excepted for any breakage. The Contractor will not move or store any article or substance which is or may become a dangerous, corrosive, highly combustible, explosive, damaging or noxious nature or which may contain any vermin or pest.

Payment & rates

Pre Packing and Unpacking is charged on an hourly rate basis. The hourly rate does not include any packing materials travel or tolls. 
Travel is charged from base to base.
All Pre Packing & Unpacking services have a minimum charge of 3 Hours.
Citywide Packers & Movers will only accept payment by way of Cash, EFTPOS or Credit Card. A surcharge fee of 2.5 % is payable for all card transactions. We NOT We do not accept bank direct deposits. Payment to be made at the completion of the job on that day.
Local Removals:
  • Removals are charged on an hourly rate basis.
  • The hourly rate does not include travel, toll or refuse charges.
  • All Removal services have a minimum charge of 3 hours.
  • Travel is charged on an hourly rate from depot to depot.
  • The hourly rate for removals will vary on the size of the truck required and how many removalists are required for your job on the day.
  • Weekends and Public holidays hourly rates mayl increase as per arrangement.
  • Piano’s, Pool Table’s, Slot Machines or any other equipment that is not deemed basic household furniture will incur extra charges.
  • Local & Interstate Quoted Pre Packs, Un Packs & Removals:
  • Interstate pre packs, un packs & removals are quoted only.
  • Payment of 70% is required on the day of your pre pack or uplift and the balance of 30% is payable prior to your items being unloaded.
  • All Quoted Jobs:
  • Estimates and Quotes are given on the information supplied by the customer to our representative at the time of consultation. If for any reason items that have not be listed at the time of consultation and are required to be pre packed or uplifted on the day of the removal  additional charges may apply to the original estimate or quote. It is the customer’s responsibility for the accuracy of this information.
  • Quotes will not be given until your relocation details have been supplied.
  • No refund for any boxes or packing materials collected on all quoted jobs.
  • A pick up fee of $35.00 may be charged for the collection of your boxes.
  • Citywide Packers & Movers will not collect other packing boxes.
  • No refund is payable for Paper or Bubble wrap.
Buy Back of Packing Boxes:
  • Buy back option only applies to Citywide Packers & Movers supplied packing materials. A Pick up fee may apply.
  • Refunds will only be made by way of direct deposit or credit card.
  • Damaged, wet or soiled boxes or boxes that have been written on will be not be refunded or collected.
  • No refund is offered for packing paper, bubble wrap or unused tape.

Right to seize, additional costs

Should payment not be made in accordance to the above conditions Citywide Packers & Movers reserves the right to remove, seize, and hold all or any items until full payment is received and cleared. Citywide Packers & Movers has the right to place these items in storage and where payment is not forthcoming, dispose of goods in lieu of payment WITHIN 14 DAYS of the pre pack or removal date. Any additional costs being interest, storage, labour costs, cleaning, rubbish refuse, debt collection, court, re delivery will be the client’s responsibility.